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What are you going to hold on to?  Are you going to hold on to fear or are you going to hold on to hope and faith?

If you choose to hold on to fear, then you will be creating vibrations full of worry, doubt, and fear.  You will feel down, agitated, worrisome, and those vibrations will create more of fear based experiences.

Or you can choose hope and faith.  When you choose to be hopeful and have faith that life is unfolding just as it should for the best in your life then you are creating more of the hope and faith based experiences. Through hope, trust, and faith in the Universe and that it is taking care of the details while you take care of the every day moment vibrations, you are working hand in hand with the connection to the Universe as all weaves together to create experiences that are full of hope and faith.

You get to choose my friend. What will you choose in this day?