Sometimes we can be looking and looking for an answer and feel as if it is eluding our life.  We keep hoping and wondering when will the answer show itself. The answer will show itself when your life is ready for it.

You don’t have to wait and wonder ‘when.’  You can help that answer to reveal itself by creating movement right now.  And creating movement means staying in a positive grateful state of mind, being open to conventional and unconventional steps toward getting that answer. Your answer may come in steps and those steps are up to you.  Be open and seek answers, yet let go of the worry knowing that there is one and it will unfold.

Don’t assume that there is just one answer. There are many answers.  Take a moment and be in the stillness of the mind, body, and spirit. Be still, listen, and find balance within. You may get an answer now or you may get experiences that will bring you to an answer, but creating stillness, while connecting within to the Universe, will strengthen your connection to the answer.

It’s in the stillness that you will feel an answer. You may just feel that all is just fine without an answer to what is happening, yet having that strong feeling that all is just fine, is a part of getting you to the answer.

Create stillness within every single day. Answers and solutions will show themselves as you connect within to the Universe.