If you know that the Universe is going to bring to you what you are putting out in thought, then why worry?

If you know that you are doing your part through letting go of the worry, shifting toward a more positive vibration, and trusting and expecting that it will all unfold at the best time for your life experience, then why worry?

If you know that whatever comes your way that you can deal with it in the best way that you can and let the Universe take care of the rest, then why worry?

Isn’t worrying another way of thinking that it may or may not happen in the way you want it to? Isn’t worrying another way of seeding your vibrations with resistance?  Isn’t worrying not needed when you say you know that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience?

You see, whatever unfolds will be the best for your life.  Trust and create a positive higher vibration my friend.