What if you have an experience that you are not looking forward to?  Maybe a doctor appointment or some kind of meeting?

The first step is to accept that it is happening. By accepting it, you are not putting resistant feelings and thoughts toward it. You may not like going to where you have to go but you have accepted it and this acceptance creates a less resistant kind of vibration.

Next, you focus on all that is good in the experience that could happen.  Instead of worrying about what ‘might be’ in a negative way, just shift your focus what ‘might be’ in a positive light.  This lightens the vibration.

Next, deal with the experience in the best way that you know how and appreciate all there is to appreciate within the experience. Be grateful that you have those around that are helping. Be grateful for that nurse who knows just how to get your blood taken. Find those moments that you normally wouldn’t pay attention to.

Then, know that the experience will be over at some point.  That is even a plus, don’t you think?

No matter how you look at it, trust that this experience may just have a lesson or growth within it to help get you to where you want to be in life. It may be the experience that will help you to match the vibration of what you want.