beth 787

Make time for yourself to be alone to think, dream, and focus about the life you have and the life you want to have.

It’s important to create time for yourself so that you can just take a breath and sit quietly. Read a book, listen to music, maybe take a walk; whatever you do to get calm, balanced, and are able to go within to your connection with all in the Universe. You don’t have to think if you don’t want to, you can just ‘be’ for a few moments. Take some deliberate focused breaths in and just sit quietly.  Let yourself know that this is time for just you.

In those moments of quiet, clarity comes about. So does a sense of ‘all is well and will be well.’ You may feel more energetic as well.

You see, what you are doing is nurturing all of who you are from the mind to the body to the spirit. By doing this daily, things will become more clear, experiences begin to unfold in a higher positive light, and life takes on a balance even in experiences that don’t seem balanced.

Make time for a few moments to recharge my friend.