Isn’t it a great thought to think that all you have to do is think positive and life will be full of roses and sunshine?

Here’s the thing; it takes inner work to learn and grow through positive thought. It takes practice to let go of the negative vibrations and shift focus toward the positive.  It takes inner work to let go of old perceptions and create new beliefs and perceptions so that you create a higher positive vibration instead of a mixed of vibration of a day that you are not being conscious of in thought.

It takes thought change to change your life experience.

Is it worth it?  Absolutely yes. Is it difficult?  Only if you choose not to let go of the negative vibrations when handling experiences.

Changing life through positive thought is an every day vibration. Not just in the morning or when you feel like it…it is you being conscious of where your thought is and changing it to accommodate what you want in life.

You change the thought, you change the perception. You change your perception of life, then you change life.