beth mccain quotes 778

When you are in doubt about life, take a moment to stop what you are doing, close your eyes, and consciously let go of the fear and doubt while you go ‘within’ to that calm solid place within that is forever connected to the Universe.   There is no fear or doubt there so if you continue to feel it, then keep consciously breathing out the negative thought until you find that peace within.

Sit there for a moment in that peace and truly feel what the world is really like. That is the place of solutions, unconditional love, and where you want life to ‘be.’ Feel that feeling and think that thought.  Believe that this Universe is helping to guide you to the life you want no matter what may be happening otherwise. Feel it until there is no doubt in your mind and heart that everything truly is just as it should be and will unfold for the best for your life.

Let go of the doubt and embrace the belief that all is well and will be well, my friend.