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Every moment the Universe is right with you no matter what you may be experiencing.  And in every moment you are taking a direction  and creating that direction through your thoughts, emotions, and reactions. And in every moment that you create some kind of vibration whether it is happy, sad, frustrated, loving, or caring; the Universe is taking that vibration and finding a match to it.

You worry then the Universe brings back worry like vibrations to you.  It isn’t that the Universe is punishing you; it is just loving you and answering back to what you put out in vibration.  To the Universe, it isn’t negative or positive; just a vibration that it answers back to because it wants to support your choices.

So in every moment you have a choice. You can add to the fear and worry if that is what you are thinking and feeling or you can add to the trust and the ‘all is well’ if that is what you are thinking and feeling.

Just think…if you believed with all your heart that all is well and will be well, then the Universe would bring to you just that.

Isn’t it worth the inner work to do your best to let go of the anxieties and worries of life and embrace the appreciation and gratitude of the moments?