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You can ask and ask and ask for what you want in life from the Universe but it is not going to happen unless you do the inner work necessary to get you to the matching vibration of what you want.

So many think that by asking and then going about life like they have always done, will create the vibration of what they want. But it isn’t only in the asking; you have to change your own patterns within in order to create a vibration of a match of what you want. You would have it by now if you had matched the vibration.  In order to match ‘the life you want’ vibration, you have to let go of the old way and create a new way of thought. You have to step aside and let go of the fears and worries that were keeping you back and move into a stronger more positive state of mind.

And if an experience comes your way that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can let go of the thought, accept the experience, deal with it in a different way that you have before, and focus on higher positive vibrations as you experience it. Learn what you can and understand what you can from the experience yet know that it will all be just fine no matter how it comes out; even if it doesn’t come out exactly as you thought.

Keep reaching for a higher thought, keep letting go of fear, keep trust in the Universe, and expect and know and be thankful for what you want in the end.

You will get there. 🙂