Words…we all use them. Sometimes we use them just to communicate what we want and need without any emotion. And other times, we use words to emphasize how we are feeling.

A word has no power over your life unless you choose to let it. When someone says ‘no,’ you can accept the ‘no’ yet move on without holding an attachment to the thought and emotion of rejection, fear, and worries.

The more you focus on the words and thoughts, and put emotion within it, the more you are creating a vibration that will go out into the Universe, find like vibrations of experiences and thoughts, and then sends it right back to you. This isn’t a reward or punishment from the Universe; it is just the way it lets us know that it hears us, is supporting us in any thing we do and think.

Choose your thoughts and words wisely and let go of what is focused upon that isn’t good for your life. Deal with the experience yet do your best to accept, let go, and shift focus toward a positive solution. If you don’t know that solution, then just know there is one and it will unfold at the right time in your life.

You give your words and thoughts power and what you power them with is what will come into your life.