beth mccain 33432

When it comes to what you want in life, it is never too late UNLESS you think it is.

Your thought is a powerful tool to living life. And where you take your thoughts is where your life is going to go. It isn’t necessarily the thought but the emotion that is behind that thought as well.

So how can a thought have power? Through your emotion and passion.  For example: maybe your a person who is afraid of snakes. If the thought of a snake comes to mind, then the feeling behind it is fear and uneasiness. Maybe you break out in a sweat and panic.  It is the thought, coupled with the emotion, that creates the vibration that goes out into the Universe.

A person who is afraid of a snake versus a person who loves snakes is going to be quite a different vibration, don’t you think?

If you think it is too late for your dreams, then that belief, that thought coupled with your feeling of sadness, will make sure those dreams won’t come true.

So what if you changed your belief?  What if you began to believe that it is never too late for you to have what you want in life? What if you took that thought and coupled it with trust, passion, and expectation while you created positive vibrations as well?

All that it takes is a change my friend…