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There are times where the ego takes control and believes that everything it has to say and do is of importance when it comes to the physical world.

So how do you know it is the ego ta;king and not just the confidence of your true self talking?

The true self voice comes from within.  It is that connection you have with the Universe that feels calm, loved, and full of self worth.

The ego voice comes from the need to make you look better in the eyes of others as well as with your own self. It comes from a selfish need to be appreciated and to be paid attention to with the goal being making you feel bigger and better than others.

The ego likes to say how great you are, how you do wonderful things for others all the time, and it compares you to others and their experiences. It tries to find ways to make it all about you even to the point of put another down so that you somehow feel better and bigger than others.

The true self is secure in itself. It loves to help people without any expectations and doesn’t need ‘the glory.’  It loves the thought and feeling of helping and ‘being.’ It loves to exude its uniqueness and feels appreciated without the need of others patting its back. It just feels appreciation of self.

One brings you more shallow experiences to boost your ego while the other brings you true contentment and love to help your true self grow, learn, and understand while enjoying and experiencing life experiences.

We can rise above our ego and begin the day coming from the true self within. Let the ego go and just experience through the real you…