We are made up of so many different vibrations in life. From our birth sign to our environment to the way the planets are aligned to the waning and waxing of the moon to our perceptions to society.  We are unique…

But the most important vibration that creates our life is our belief.  Whether it is our belief in ourselves, the world, a religion, or a thought pattern; what we believe is what we experience.

It’s important from time to time to look over what you believe and see if it still rings true with you. Maybe you have a belief that you have outgrown or maybe you have a belief that just no longer rings truth for you.

Look over your beliefs and really fine tune what you think about yourself, experiences, and about life.

Your beliefs create your thought pattern and that thought pattern creates your life experiences. Create beliefs that are truth for you. Let go of those beliefs that you just can’t resonate with anymore.

Look over your beliefs and you will feel what is best for your life.