What would happen if you assumed the best?  What would happen if you did the inner work to let go and release your fears, doubts, and worries, as well as let go of thinking the worst case scenario, and you chose to think and assume the best about each and every experience you have?

And what if, in an experience where the details aren’t turning out like you wanted, you chose to believe that the Universe has a better idea for the details and getting you to your goal?  What if you just kept your thoughts positive on the goal you have in mind and heart and let the Universe take care of the details?

What if every experience will create the best for your life even if it feels less than positive?

What if you just keep your mind on that goal and see the best case scenario as experiences come your way?

You know what would happen?  You will get ‘as is or better’ when it comes to your goal. That is what will happen.

Make some positive choices and assume the best.