giving and receiving

Sometimes we just need a little reminder to be conscious of our thoughts. Or maybe just a little reminder, in the heat of a challenge, that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience.

Find a phrase or symbol that can be your reminder. Maybe a little heart written in Sharpie on the palm of your hand or maybe the phrase ‘all is well’ on your desk.  Having reminders that mean something to us will wake up the mind to remember. It’s a great way to help guide you toward positive higher vibrations.

If you have a phrase and you begin to ignore it over time, then change the reminder to something different so that it always is fresh and new for you.

Keeping conscious is one of the keys of creating a positive life experience. When we are conscious of our thought we can make choices whether to let go of a thought and replace it with something more positive and better.

It’s important to remember the basics of positive thought and all the ways of keeping our train of thought on a positive path, don’t you think?