beth mccain 793

It can be easy to blame a negative day on experiences. “The car wouldn’t start. My boss yelled at me. The dog dumped the trash,” are just a few experiences we blame for our negative attitude.  But really, it was your choice to feel negative.

Everyone has challenging experiences and how you handle those experiences through your very own thought, is the direction the challenge will head. Get upset and blame your bad mood on an experience, then you will have more experiences that will bring about more upset and blame.

Taking a deep breath in and letting go of the negative thought and feeling in the exhale, while shifting your focus to dealing with the experience with a higher more positive thought, will create higher positive vibration through the challenge.

There are no excuses when it comes to positive thought my friend. Just pick yourself up, let go of the need to blame and point out the negative, and create a better feeling thought.