beth mccain 5565

You have a dream and you’ve been envisioning and focusing on that dream. Then you start wondering when that dream is going to come about but you know to keep envisioning and focusing.  Day after day goes by and you still don’t have your dream and you are beginning to become impatient.  You’re wondering if it will ever come true?  Life starts taking a whole other direction that feels as if it is going away from your dream.  What do you do then? You really think about the inner workings of what is happening.

You see, every focus, every intention, and every envisioning session you have, is creating the very vibrations that will get you to where you want to be. Your vibration has to match the vibration of what you want and that takes change.  So the Universe brings experiences to you that will help elevate your vibration to the same match of what you want. Sometimes, the experiences feel challenging but by raising your positive vibration while you experience the challenge, you are creating the very vibration that will take you to the next level and the next level could be manifestation. No need to worry or question how long it may take, just keep creating a higher positive vibration as you go about your day and your experiences.

How it comes is up to the Universe so let go of the thought of it going exactly like you think it should. Let the Universe take care of the how.

All you have to do is keep raising your positive vibration through each experience as you focus on what you want.

It will unfold…