There are times where we feel as if we are stuck in life. We’re not sure which direction to go and what is best for our life. It’s as if the wheels are just spinning yet nothing is moving.

Here’s the thing; SO many things are moving for you even when you feel stuck and overwhelmed. Just because you can’t see exactly what is moving, you can embrace the thought that experiences are being shaped and shifted toward what you want even if you can’t see it. There truly is no sitting still in life because life is always in a state of change. When you let go and release that feeling and thought of ‘stuck,’ then you are creating faster moving vibrations for your life. And by feeling that things are moving even if you can’t see them, then you are creating doors that will open to your new way of thought.

Do an exercise with me. Take in a deep breath and when you exhale, tell the mind to relax the neck and shoulders.  With each deep breath and exhale, let go of the thought of ‘stuck’ and breathe in ‘doors opening.’

Believe it, trust it, and know that everything is coming around to where you want to be. You job is to do the mental inner work to get you there…