time to release

What someone thinks about your life is none of your business.  Seriously, really think about that. What someone thinks about what you do and what you say is truly none of your business unless you make it your business.

You can either hang on to their every word about how you are going about life all wrong or you can let go of what they think about your life and keep moving forward.

It’s nice to get suggestions or advice about life but another really can’t direct your life since they haven’t experienced your life experience. They can’t possibly know and understand what you perceive or how you were brought up to believe. They are only making assumptions based on what they see according to what they think in their own life experience.

We are all unique and we can help one another through suggestions and encouragement.  But if those suggestions are veiled with telling you that you are living your life all wrong, then you don’t need it.  Just accept who they are and know that they don’t know about your life…love them, accept them, and let go of their assumptions.

Live your life in the best way that you see fit.