step by step

We all have that inner critic that pipes up from time to time. You know, the one, right? The voice that tells you that what you want in life is impossible or that it can happen for others but not for you.  Or maybe it compares others to your current life and makes you feel ‘less than’ somehow. It tells you that you are a failure when you just make a mistake.

You know that voice now, don’t you?

That inner critic comes from a place of fear. It wants to find something that will make you get into a protection mode so you won’t be disappointed or is preparing you for the worst ‘just in case.’

You do know you don’t have to listen to it, right?  You do know that you can go beyond the inner critic finding the true self within that unconditionally loves and knows that any and every thing is possible, right? Just because the inner critic says it, doesn’t mean that it is true in any way, shape, or form.

Isn’t it time to stand up to your inner critic and tell it to pipe down? Isn’t it time that you let that voice go and shift toward a better feeling thought and focus?

Isn’t it time to live life in the way that you want to without worrying about what others might think?

Listen to the true self within. It is the voice that is ever loving, caring, and encouraging. It is the voice of the heart my friend.  Your heart won’t steer you wrong…