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Take just a moment to clear your mind.  Let go of the worry and stress and, for just a moment, let go of all that is around you that may be pulling your attention this way and that.

I want you to ask yourself a question: If you could make it so life was just as you want it, what would you envision?  What would you feel?  What would you think?  Maybe you just want peace and calm.  Or maybe you want enough abundance to feel safe and secure. Whatever it is, I want you to focus on only that thought, that idea, that vision.

If worry comes into your mind or thoughts of ‘that can’t happen’ come up, just slowly let the negative thoughts go for now and just ‘be’ in the vision that you want to be in.

Did you know that if you did this every single day that you would be creating the most amazing vibrations that will bring experiences and people to you that will help guide you to where you want to be?  The more you think and feel on it, without the fear or anxiety, the more you are creating that vision.

Every single day…don’t you think it is worth a few moments of your time?