beth mccain 4445Sometimes life can get busy and feel out of control. We rush here, we rush there, we get upset, we get happy, we change directions that creates a whole new busy-ness.  Instead of going with the flow, we get wrapped up in the fear, the agitation, the worry, the anxiety, and the stress of experiences. So what would happen if you just went with the flow of experiences?

Think about the ocean and what the water does. It moves fluidly through every piece of debris just relaxing and pushing the debris aside. It goes over the rocks with a calm way of being.  Instead of pushing against all the things that are in the ocean, the water swirls around, goes over, goes under, and goes with the flow of what may be in the way.

So how about when life feels as if it is becoming overwhelming or just too busy, do as the ocean does…go with the flow. No need to build up all those emotions.  All you need to do is take a deep breath in and let go of the resistant feeling vibrations in your exhale. Find the calm within and go with the flow knowing that you will end up in the best place for your life.

Go with the flow my friend. No need to build up worry, fear, anxiety, or stress.  Remind yourself of the ocean and what it does…