It’s important to vent when it comes to what is happening in our lives because that venting, that release, can help us to hear out loud what is bothering us. It can help to figure out how to help ourselves and to bring clarity.

It is when you grumble, complain, and state your fears and worries, over and over again, that creates the vibration of more of the same coming into your life.

How about, instead of worrying and being afraid, hear what you are concerned about but then let go of the notion that thinking about it over and over again is going to create some kind of solution or answer. How about letting that feeling and thought go and shift your focus to the best case scenario that could happen from it all?  If you can’t find the best case scenario, then know and trust that all is unfolding just as it should for the best for your life experience. Shift your focus toward solutions instead of worries.

Create a positive atmosphere for what you are experiencing. You will find that more positive experiences will come into your life with just a thought and focus.