be positive

Much of the day can be spent looking ahead or looking back.  When we’re going about doing all that has to be done in our day, we look toward the next moment of what needs to be done.  Sometimes our mind will head to the past as well.

But it is this moment that matters.  This is the moment where you can let go of the past and the worry about the future and create a positive thought for the moments you are in. If your past comes up, then take a breath, let go of the thought, and shift your focus back to today and all you appreciate.

If your mind goes to the future and you are worried or you don’t know what it may hold, then let go of the anxiety in a deep breath and shift your focus to what you would like your future to be.

The more you shift focus toward a positive thought, the more experiences you will have that create a positive vibration.

Your past is over and the future is yet to come but you can create a positive future with today’s thoughts.  You get to choose my friend.