Next time you are in one of those experiences where you feel as if you just don’t know what to do and it is giving you stress and anxiety, remember this…

Take a deep breath in and then when you exhale tell your mind to relax the shoulders and neck. The first step is to relax and get the body feeling relaxed. Giving the mind something to do and the body something to do, can help you to calm.

Keep taking that breath in and exhaling out the stress and then go within yourself on that exhale. Close your eyes and drift for a moment. Drift and focus into the calm within. Feel the Universe there supporting you and encouraging you.

In that moment, let go of the anxiety while you are still focused on your breath. and tell yourself from the calm center “All is well and will be well. It may not seem like it is but it is. The Universe is guiding me.  All I can do is keep a positive outlook while dealing with this experience. I can remember to trust and believe that unlimited unconventional positive vibrations can come in an instant as if by a miracle, and create a calmer place and experience.”

Take one more focused breath and stay in the balance you created. Know that all is well my friend. The Universe has this. 🙂