time to release

Do you feel as if there is something in life that you are waiting for; the life you dream of, the day you will have abundance, or anything that gives you that feeling of waiting?

If you know what you want life to be, if you envision it and relish in the thought of the moments, if you are now leaving it up to the Universe as you do all you can do to the inner work of letting go of the resistant negative vibrations while shifting toward a better positive vibration, then what are you waiting for?

You see, if you know beyond a doubt, that what you want is coming to you then you can let go of the waiting and worry and let it unfold just as it should in the right and best time for your life experience. If you have handed it over to the Universe, then let it do its work of bringing people and experience to you that will help guide you to that higher positive vibration of what you feel you are waiting for.

The Universe knows the perfect time that builds a solid foundation for what you want and it also knows all the unlimited unconventional ways it can come to you.  If you keep up your positive focus and trust the Universe while letting go of the waiting vibration (since you know it will come in the perfect time and stay) then no waiting required.

Just do your job through the inner work that is needed. If the Universe brings experience to you that feel as if you are in a challenging place, then that experience is there to help you to understand, learn, and grow to the vibration of where you want to be. How you handle it, is the direction life will go.

Let the waiting and worrying go…the Universe IS on your side.