beth 9989

When you have someone is your life that has a certain way about them that bugs you, and you would like to change who they are, just remember this ‘you can’t change a tiger’s stripes.’

Not everyone is ready to change when we think they should change because they may not feel they need to change or may not be conscious of the fact that a positive change would make for better relationships.  They are like the tiger and its stripes. You see, you can’t change a tiger’s stripes so you have to accept who they are, be cautious, and be with them knowing that a tiger is who a tiger is.  It will be you that will have to adjust your sails.

When you approach someone knowing they are that tiger, you will be changing your own growth and learning by accepting who they are and learn to live with what a tiger says or does.

Don’t change the tiger; change your own attitude about the tiger.