Have you ever gone down memory road and then it takes a sharp left into the negative memories of the past instead of the warm positive memories?

In any and every thing you do, you always have a choice in where you take your thought.  And this goes for memories as well. If you get to thinking about the past and all the mistakes you may have made or the argument you had with someone, ask yourself what you have learned from the experience.  Then grow and understand from that memory but then move to a positive memory instead. Forgiving others and yourself is a part of the process.  So is letting go.

And the key to it all is to be conscious of your thought.  Once you have mastered being conscious, then you will be able to let go and accept experiences while dealing with them and then shifting toward a better feeling thought and feeling.

Let go of those memories that just don’t serve your life anymore and open up to a better feeling memory from the past.

Or make new positive memories in the present. Every positive moment is a possible memory my friend.