beth mccain 6657

When you have a choice to make, when it comes to what path to walk on, the best thing to do is to get into a calm balanced state of mind and spirit within, and then think about where each choice is going to take you.  If fear arises, then take a deep breathe in, exhale and go within while letting go of the fear for just a moment. When you are in that place within, no fear or insecurities are there. You can ‘see’ the direction of the path and how it feels to you.

Does the path feel good? Does it seem doable? Is there a feeling of ‘rightness’ for your life by taking that path?

Then do the same with the other choice of path that you have. Again, step aside from the fear or the negative, and go within while you visualize what walking that path would be like.

Each path will feel different.  The one that feels the most comfortable, positive and ‘right’ for you is the path. There maybe a few things that have to change in order to get there but it is something that you feel is good for you.

The key is to step aside from the fear and anxiety while you do this exercise.