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Some of us seem to have a double standard. We say that we say that anything is possible, yet within our mind we get upset as to why obstacles keep coming up as we do our best to get to a place in life that we want to be at which is telling the Universe that it isn’t happening fast enough, it isn’t going like we planned, nothing is happening.  And all those thoughts are limiting, aren’t they?  They are saying that everything isn’t possible.

Part of the challenge is believing that anything is possible when we live in a physical world that is full of limitations, rules, and laws to have a society that we hope is a civil way to live among others.  So when we believe we think anything is possible, we also think that there are limitations to what is possible when we say, “Oh, we can’t do that because everyone has tried and says it doesn’t work so it won’t work for us either.”  We just put a cap on anything is possible. We get upset when it doesn’t happen the way we think it should when instead, we should be letting it happen in anyway it can.  Being open to all the different ways it can come about instead of our one or two limited ways we have in our mind.

No matter if thousands have people have tried a certain way and they say that it just can’t be done, you can be the one that it will work for. Maybe in a different way than others but it can happen for you.  Do your best not to buy into what others can or can’t do and choose what you are going to do and say based on your own beliefs and thoughts. Trust in the process and trust how the Universe is bringing t about because the Universe is unlimited in any and every thing.  It is society and our thoughts that have put the cap on unlimited.

The sky truly is the limit my friend!