giving and receiving

If you want life to get better, it takes change. If you want life to change, it takes change. So what this means is no matter how uncomfortable or comfortable with change that you are, it takes a change of something to create something in your life.  You want life to be different than it is right now then it takes change to make it different.  You want life to get better, then it takes change for that better to come along.

In order to be where you want to be in life or for life to get better, it takes changing something within your own life to move things along.  A change of thought or perception, a change in a pattern in life, or even change of the people around you.

It begins with your thought and it will always begin with your thought. To change life, you have to change your thoughts to match where it is that you want life to be. Take time to learn how to let go of the negative vibrations and create a better more positive vibration.

So inner work on positive change if you want things to change.  It is one of the keys to manifesting the life you want.

Let go of the old and embrace change my friend…