beth mccain 9989

There are times where you may feel that you just don’t know what direction to do in when it comes to life. You think of everything and wish you could find the ‘perfect direction’ of where to go yet every idea or thought takes you feeling as if you are inside a box that you can’t figure out how to get out of.

In that moment, think outside the box. Think beyond what is normal in the world and the normal ways that you might be able to get out of the box. Go way beyond the box in your mind and think outside the box. Whether it is an exercise in imagination or not, the vibration of going beyond where you feel you are trapped, will help move you to solutions and answers. You will be creating a vibration of unconventional, ‘magical,’ unlimited, and those vibrations get things moving.

When you think outside the box, think of things that aren’t even possible in this world but that you just make up with your imagination. Create vibrations of going beyond and enjoy the visual of the out of the box thinking. That vibration will create a path for you to get beyond the box.

So spool up your imagination and the sky is the limit! Enjoy an imaginative unlimited thought meditation and rise above your current experience. You are an unlimited being who can create outside the normal of life…