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Look at your life as an ocean.  The ocean is all of your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, reactions, your upbringing; basically all of who you are.

And every drop that goes into your ocean is a part of who you are.  The more you put in the negative kind of vibrations of life, the more negative life will be.  The more you put in the positive kind of vibrations, the more your life  will reflect the positive.

So all those inner thoughts, outer thoughts, thoughts you have about others, thoughts you have about yourself…they all go into who you are and what you experience.  If you tear down another, if only  in the mind, you are still dropping those vibrations into your ocean.

If you are being a kind compassionate person and doing all you can to come from a positive place within, then you are dropping those vibrations into your ocean.

Be conscious of where you take your thought because it is creating your life experience.