beth mccain 779

Look at the beautiful calm water in the photo.  And imagine walking along the bridge as you breath in deeply the nice fresh air. Imagine it and visual being there.  Can’t you almost feel the peace exuding from the picture?

That is what it is like to envision something that you want or that would make you feel positive. Your imagination and visualization is a tool to creating positive thoughts and feelings. Visualize yourself in a place that makes you feel peaceful will create the best positive vibrations that take you to a higher more positive place.

When you are sculpting, painting, writing, listening to music, or any other experience that creates a visual within, you are creating positive vibrations through passion and inspiration.

Even if it is just a picture you ‘jump’ into to enjoy, it will take you places that create positive vibrations.

And you know what positive vibrations mean?  Opening up even more to having many more positive experiences.

Take a moment to visual and imagine today.