beth mccain 779

Why does it matter what another thinks of your life?  It is your life to live and you know what is best for your life and if you don’t, then you will figure it out.  When another starts telling you what you are doing wrong in your life, stop for a moment and listen.  Does any of it seem to resonate with you?  Is any of it good advice that you can use or is it someone just wanting to butt in and get involved and telling you what to do?  If it is good advice, then take their suggestions but if what they say doesn’t feel right for your life then you can just let it go.

Sometimes another feels the need to tell you what to do.  They are giving you advice from their own experiences and perceptions so what may have worked for them may not worked for you. Let it roll off your back and know that you can let go of their thoughts and keep moving forward with what you think for your life. Another’s opinion doesn’t matter unless you think it matters.