A part of changing your life experience is what you perceive. And what you perceive, is what you are and believe.  When you see someone walking down the street and they are doing something that you would not personally do yourself or are wearing something that you would never wear, do you judge them by making a comparison?  Do you look at them at accept them as they are without making an assumption or judgement?  How you look at others and think of them is a telltale of how you perceive.  You can change your perception if you feel it is negative but you have to conscious as well as honest with yourself about what you think within your mind and others and life.

What do you see in experiences?  Do you create a positive perception?  And if you don’t, are you willing to change that perception to create a more positive vibration for your life?

Take a look at your beliefs and see if you have outgrown them. Maybe they re a part of what your parents believed or maybe it worked for you in the past but isn’t working for you now. Take time to let go of the old ways and embrace new ways/

Ask yourself each day ‘What do I see?’  See if it reflects what you want your life to be.  Fine tune your perceptions of what you see my friend.