beth 787

How do you know if you are on the right track when it comes to where you want your life to go?  You can tell by how you feel.  If you have that agitation, frustration, or any kind of resistant feeling vibration, then this means one of two things; either you need to do the inner work to release the resistant vibration or you are being given a message from within to fine tune your direction.

Your feelings are a part of creating and manifesting. They let you know when you are feeling anxious or agitated. That is the moment to ask yourself what would make you happy right at that moment?  What would make you feel better?  If it is just about getting your way then you need to adjust your vibrations to think ‘as is or better’ and let go of what you think will happen and give the how over to the Universe while you keep creating a positive higher vibration. Feel what you would like life to be and then stay in that feeling and thought as the Universe creates experiences to open doors for you to walk through.

If you are in an agitated state then learn how to release those vibrations while dealing with the experience that may have caused the agitation. Shift to a better more positive frame of mind.

The better you think and feel, the more you are headed in the right direction for your life experience.