time to release

If you have many things you want to envision but you feel you just don’t have time to sit and visualize every detail, you can have a bless fest.  There are days where it is such a productive busy like day that I know I won’t have time to ‘just be’ and focus on the details of my goals. So what I do is have a bless fest. I’ve envisioned enough to know what each goal is about so instead of taking the long way through visualizing, I bless each goal instead.

You can create a bless vibration whether you have a belief or not. Blessing something is asking for the good to come.  So I’ll bless my goals and while I’m at it I bless those I know and challenges that may have presented themselves. Instead of thinking I know the solution or answer, I just bless the experience and let the Universe take care of the how.

Try it today.  Maybe on your ride home from school, work, or picking up the kids.  The bless the heck out of everything.  It’s a great feeling!