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We all have goals of what we would like in our lives and creating positive focus toward those goals helps to guide you to where you want to be.

But it isn’t only about your goals. You see, your goals are smaller parts of your life experience.  Ask yourself what you want in the big picture of life when it comes to how you want life to feel.  Do you want a life that feels secure and safe?  Do you want a life that is full of positive experiences?  Then not only should you send great intentions toward your goals and work on the goals by creating forward motion through your thoughts, but also get in a good comfortable zone of what you would like life to feel like overall.

That bigger picture is the overall of what you want life to feel and ‘be.’ You can begin by being conscious of your everyday attitudes and thoughts.  If they don’t align with what you want for your big picture, then work on letting go of what you no longer want in vibrations and shift your focus toward the feeling of what you want life to be.

Let’s say you want life to feel full of appreciation in your big picture.  Then be conscious of what you have to appreciate today.  If you get upset and frustrated with someone or something, adjust your vibrations to reflect appreciation instead. Inner work toward not only your goal but your bigger picture as well. You will find that life will respond in the best of ways and before you know it, you will have all that you have been seeking.