beth mccain 2234

Life isn’t about what we can attain in this physical world. The life experience is about what we can learn, grow, and understand and create more wisdom and love within our spirit.  So no matter what you do, say, or ‘be,’ you are experiencing life and that is what is expected of you. You can’t get it wrong.

The direction you take is icing on the cake and you get to choose the direction.

You can choose to attain to getting the physical things that you feel will make you happy but that isn’t the purpose.  Things are tools to creating this physical life experience.  The purpose it to be a spiritual being having a physical experience. You experience whether you are sitting on the couch or sitting on top of a mountain.

The best part is you get to direct where the icing on the cake of life goes. And you can direct by how you feel. Go in a direction that will make you feel good…