two people talking

When someone is treating you badly it can sometimes make you want to treat them badly as well. But when we do exactly what they have done, then we are continuing the same negative vibration.

No matter what another says or does, you do have a choice in taking the higher road or being just like them.  This isn’t to say that you aren’t defending yourself but you are taking a different approach to the experience than they took.

You can create a whole other vibration apart from theirs.  Let them be unkind if they must but you don’t have to be unkind as well. You can let go of their thoughts about you (which is really about themselves and their own self worth challenges and has nothing to do with you personally) and be kind and compassionate while being direct on what you will or won’t accept.

By being kind and compassionate, you are stopping the vicious circle of hurt.  You may have to be the one that is always being kind and compassionate but no matter. You don’t have to be  a part of a negative vibration and another’s opinion and perception. Let