step by step

‘How can I be positive when there are so many negatives in my life?’

I get this question quite a bit. To ‘be’ positive it takes time and strong focus.  It takes practice and begin again and again.  It takes not getting frustrated and angry with yourself when you slip back into the negative and then realize that you haven’t been ‘being’ positive. It takes changing your perceptions of the world and instead of focusing on what isn’t going right, focusing on what is going right and you can appreciate. It takes not blaming outer circumstances for your happiness ‘I would be happy if…’  It means not blaming others for you being unhappy and taking responsibility for your own life’s happiness.

To ‘be’ positive, takes inner work but the rewards are huge.  Your life will begin to show more light than dark, you’ll begin to see open doors where you used to see closed doors, you will feel others wanting to be happy around you because you are radiating that happiness.

‘Be’ positive and do the inner work.