beth mccain 2234

Sometimes we wonder how we are going to get through a challenging experience. Not only is it challenging to think positive at times but just getting through an experience that seems more than you can handle.

You know what? You can handle it. It was given to you at that very moment because the Universe knew that it was the right time for you to have this challenge to help guide you to the next step of your life experience. How you handle the experience is where the direction of your life will go.

You are not alone in experiencing life my friend.  The Universe is right by your side encouraging you and helping you as you get through the experience.  You don’t have a thing to be worried about when you keep a strong positive higher thought going knowing that the best will unfold for you.

Do what you need to do to get through the challenge but do so with a strong positive focus instead of a daunting frame of mind and heart. Just because it is challenging doesn’t mean that you can’t think and feel positive about the outcome.

It may or may not be the outcome you thought but if you keep trusting and knowing that the best will unfold, then the outcome is the best for your life experience.

You can do this…