beth 9989

When something doesn’t work out just right or how you thought it would, what do you do?  Do you go to the worst case scenario or do you stay in a positive frame of mind as you figure it all out.

It seems as humans, that our natural inclination is to prepare for the worst.  Let’s say your computer has a crash. What is the first thought that comes to mind?  Do you think ‘what if it doesn’t come back on’ or ‘what if this is it and it gave up’ or ‘I bet this is going to be expensive.’

How many of you go to the best case scenario and hope for the best instead?

Here’s the thing; either way you are creating your future experiences and how you react in your every day to the things that do go exactly as planned, are what will create the building blocks to the next experience.

Do your best to stay conscious of your thoughts in those moments of uncertainty and create hope and the best case scenario or at least put positive thoughts toward it.  You’ll be creating your now and your future experiences.

The more you create hope and the best case scenario, the more those vibrations will come into your life.