Keeping up with creating a positive vibration can sometimes be challenging especially when have experiences happening that shift your direction to a more negative vibration.

The best way to letting go of the negative and shift toward a more positive thought, is to give yourself reminders or ‘stories’ that will help you to remember to stay conscious and shift your focus.

Writing a symbol on the palm of your hand that will embody positive thought can be helpful.  Or writing a word or phrase and putting it in places that you will regularly see them can be helpful as well. Remembering and connecting to a life experience that symbolizes creating positive vibrations can help as well.  For example; the thought that your mind is a garden and what you plant in it will come to full bloom. Plant seeds of positive vibrations and weed out the negative,  and you will have a fertile garden of positive experiences. Seeing that each seed of thought is planting something in your garden of the mind, will help you to remember that you want to keep those negative ‘weeds’ out of your garden.

If you get bored or used to one way then change to a different kind of reminder so that you keep on top of letting go of the negative and shifting thought toward the positive.

Consciously changing your thought is one of the keys to creating a more positive life experience.  Do the inner work and your life will show you the results.