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There are some thoughts that we have that can hold us back from taking life to the next level.

One of those thoughts is blame.  We blame circumstances, experiences, people, things, and even ourselves for our life experience. This blame creates a negative standstill to what we truly want.  So how do we get rid of that blame?

We begin by recognizing how often we blame the outer circumstances and ourselves for all that is happening in a negative feeling way. Think about it for a moment.  When something doesn’t go just as you thought, do you blame the job or the child or the coffee table leg you tripped over for the day feeling as if it is going the wrong way?  Do you blame another at work for making your day feel bad?  Or do you blame yourself and feel that your past will never go away?

Recognize and take responsibility for that thought and then shift your focus away from blame. Keep conscious of when you do it and shift your direction to a better vibration like appreciation.

No one or thing is to blame for your life and the way it is. The choice is up to you to change your perception and just keep living without sending those thoughts and feelings of blame out into the Universe.  Every thought is a drop in the ocean of our life experience.  And we can fill our ocean with the positive or we can fill it up with the negative.  Do the inner work to create the life you truly want.

You don’t have to worry about what others do or say; just live your life and keep looking forward letting go of blame and creating a whole new perception of all is well and will be well no matter what the experience and without blaming.


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I have a certain belief of this Universe and it includes no judgment or assumptions but just the voice of the higher vibration of the Universe that flows through me. I don’t believe in telling you all that you are doing wrong (is there really a wrong or right way? ;)) but encourage you to take an approach that will help guide your life in a more balanced ease filled state. I truly am on your side and here for you.

Ask anyone who has taken coaching and counseling; it truly does put your life in focus and help guide you to a higher more positive vibration creating a more positive life experience. Your positive thoughts will change your physical life my friend. Let’s do this…step by step…

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