beth mccain 2234

Sometimes when we are focusing on the goal of what we want in life, we can get so wrapped up in the details of how to get to the goal that we become rigid in how we think it should happen. When we hold on tightly to what we think should be the exact way it should happen, then we are limiting the Universe in how it will manifest and it could take much more time to it to come into being.

You see, having a goal and focusing on that goal in a positive vibration and thought, brings experiences your way that will help guide you to the exact vibration of manifestation you are looking for.  But if you think it has to happen in just one way, then you are limiting ‘how’ it will come to you.  How about focusing on the goal and then let the Universe guide you to the experiences and people that need to come next in order for you to get to the vibration of manifestation?  The Universe has unlimited possibilities and knows the exact best way to unfold getting to your goal.  You only see a small aspect of the big picture whereas the Universe can see all aspects and knows the perfect way to get you to that goal.

Expect, believe, and know that you are being taken to that goal.  And at the same time, let go of what you think should be exact and let the Universe guide you to where you are to be.  You will get there in the perfect time that is best for your life.

Let it unfold my friend…