giving and receiving

When someone comes up to you and starts gossiping about what another has said about you and your life, it can be upsetting.  It can be upsetting to think that another is talking about you behind your back.  But really, their comments mean nothing unless you think they mean something.

Just because someone says something about you or your life, doesn’t mean that they are right.  Just because it is said, doesn’t make it so. It only matters if you think it matters. This means that if another hurts your feelings, it is up to you to let it go and move on to a more positive higher vibration OR you can get involved in what they said and think it matters.  Which way feels better to you? Take the direction that feels the best from within.

If another is talking about you or talking about another, you don’t have to become a part of their drama they are creating. Choose another direction my friend.