gentle-white-flowers-My daughter has a week full of exams and essays for college and all she can think about is the ‘what if…’ in the worst case scenario.  “What if I get a bad grade?  It’s going to pull my whole grade point average down! What if my 25 page essay has too many errors?  I mean I checked it over and over again…”

You know, when we have something that feels as if it is looming in the next few weeks or that you don’t know the answer to, all you can do is do your best and stay in this moment. And if you have to think of the future of the experience, then send it positive ‘what ifs’ instead of the negative ‘what ifs.’ What if you do stupendously well?  What if you do pass with flying colors?”

Today is what you have and trying to second guess the future only causes more unsure vibrations about your present and your future. Remind yourself to keep your mind and heart in today and just do your best by shifting focus when your mind heads to the negative ‘what ifs.’

You have today.  Don’t waste it by fearing the future.