beth mccain7787

How do you know what is right for you?  How do you know if what you believe is true?

You take a moment, close your eyes, tell your mind to relax your shoulders and neck, and take a deep breath in, and then in the exhale, feel as if you are going within to that forever connection you have with the Universe.  That peaceful calm place within that is non judgmental, silent, full of acceptance, and love. Then think of your belief.  What does your calm place within feel about it? If you feel fear, worry, or anxiety, then that is not the inner self. In that calm place, there is no anxiety at all so keep doing the breathing until you get to the point where when you ask about your truth,  a subtle strong positive higher feeling comes over you. In that moment, ask if what you belief is right for you.  You will feel the answer my friend.